How Siku Tours Promotes Sustainable Tourism

Here at Siku Tours, we provide our guests with a memorable experience while upholding the following best practices for sustainable tourism in Uummannaq, Greenland.


Sustainable Local Food

In a mutually beneficial relationship, we source all food from the locals. In this sense, we boost the local economy while providing authentic cuisine for our guests. After all, trying new foods that are made by local people contributes to a complete enjoyment of visiting a new place and learning more about its culture and customs.

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Local Guides

Who else can give a tour that includes the most interesting sites and information about the location better than the locals?

By employing local tour guides, Siku Tours offers employment opportunities to the community. Plus, our guides can grant firsthand knowledge that spotlights the best our city has to offer.

Mingling with the Locals

With your knowledgeable and experienced tour guide, you’ll also have the chance to meet members of the community. Conversing with the locals gives an even deeper understanding of the language and it nuances, the culture, and history of your destination. Plus, you might even get to hear some popular tales or urban legends.

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Benefiting the Local Community through Tourism

Because of this win-win situation, our tours benefit the local economy. That means you’ll be able to shop, dine, and partake of the advantages of supporting small businesses in this destination spot while supporting business owners. Thus, whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs crafted by local artisans or searching a sumptuous meal at a café, Siku Tours assures that our guests enjoy their day on the town while boosting the community’s economy.

Appreciating the Culture

Furthermore, you’ll gain a more global perspective and appreciation of the culture during your tour. When you’re meeting and greeting the townspeople and following a tour guide who’s familiar with the place, you’ll achieve a deeper understanding of their customs and everyday practices. In turn, you’ll be able to navigate more easily through your destination spot.

Caring for the Environment

All in all, we work on a daily basis to reduce our C02 footprint and properly manage our resources. By staying within the parameters of this destination, we are using less fossil fuel. If you’re on foot or on a dog sled during your tour, please know that you’re contributing to our mission of maintaining environmental wellness.

Sustainable Development GOALS

In short, through our best practices for sustainability, we’ll also continue to work toward the following United Nations goals:

Sustainable Goals

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