Everyone’s asked me what’s the best thing to do in Greenland, the answer? Grab a boat and just explore. See icebergs of all sizes and shapes, stop by any island you want, say hi to the hunters. We found this unique place around 45 minutes journey from Uummannaq.
Blue icebergs and a red desert – pretty sure we were on Mars! Greenland is truly out of this world…

Hira Kira / India

Decked out in polar bear fur trousers and wearing animal claws on a string around his neck, Marti Suulutsun certainly makes for an impressive sight. The 35-year-old lives on the remote island of Uummannaq in Greenland


It was an amazing year by my standards.

The Greenland experience was the best thing that happened to me this year. Dog sledding, ice fishing and Northern lights 😍

The Punjabi wanderer / India